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Generators 200kva+

Nugen Generators

‘Nugen’ is our name for a new generation of power products (generators) and a new, more flexible approach to developing the best solutions for our clients. Using open architecture principles we have selected ‘best-in-class’ components from world leaders in power generation. So unlike other manufacturers, our machines are fitted with the best part for job – not just the parts supplied by our subsidiaries.

Generator Components

Engines from Kubota, Perkins, Cummins and CAT, controllers from ComAp and alternators from Leroy Somer form our standard packages. But if your project needs a custom solution, we can tailor an engine, controller and alternator package to your requirements.

Generator Design

Developed in partnership with our clients, our generator product design focuses on safety, functionality and longevity. All our machines are fully equipped to minimise deployment delays and additional expense. Easy to operate and fitted with our own sound-attenuated enclosure, your Nugen generator will handle the harshest of conditions.

Whatever your business, whenever you need power, you can rely on Nugen. From a portable single-phase generator to a multi-unit power station, Nugen generators provide you with safe, efficient and cost-effective power solutions. Outlets cater for both single and 3 phase operation. Standard controllers Com-Ap MRS15 – other models optional.

 Generator range overview


Mid-range to large generators – 200kva to 500kva
Engine C200CS – 200kva C250CS – 250kva C350CS – 350kva S500CS – 500kva
Engine Model 6CTAA8.3-G2 6LTAA8.9-G2 NTA855-G4 KTA19-G4
Engine Manufacturer Cummins Cummins Cummins Cummins
Number of Cylinders 6 6 6 6
Cylinder Arrangement Vertical Vertical Vertical in-line Vertical
Cycle Four stroke Four stroke Four stroke Four stroke
Aspiration Turbocharged Turbocharged Turbocharged Turbocharged
Cubic Capacity 8.3 8.9 15 18.9
Max. power at rated RPM 203 240 351 675
Alternator Model LSA 46.2 M5 LSA 46.2 L6 LSA47.2VS1 LSA47.2 M7
Alternator Manufacturer Leroy Somer Leroy Somer Leroy Somer Leroy Somer
Type Tropical Tropical Tropical Tropical
Excitation Type AREP AREP AREP Self Excited
Voltage Regulator R450 R450 R450 R450
Voltage Regulation ±0.5% ±0.5 ±0.5 ±0.5
Winding Connection 12 12 12 12
Insulation Class H Class H Class H Class H
Protection IP23 IP23 IP23 IP23
Electrical Management
Controller ComAp IG NT BB with Intelivision 5 LCD touch screen interface ComAp IG NT BB with Intelivision 5 LCD touch screen interface ComAp IG NT BB with Intelivision 5 LCD touch screen interface ComAp IG NT BB with Intelivision 5 LCD touch screen interface
Modem Yes Yes Yes Yes
kVA kW kVA kW kVA kW kVA kW
Standby @ 40°C 220 176 275 220 385 308 550 440
Standby @ 50°C 206.8 165.4 258.5 206.8 361.9 289.5 517 413.6
Prime Power @ 40°C 200 160 250 200 350 280 500 400
Prime Power @ 50°C 188 150.4 235 188 329 263.2 470 376
Full load Amps 278 348 487 696
No of Phases 3 3 3 3
Voltage 415/240 415/240 415/240 415/240